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Pine Trees


Every guest we serve receives an experience that allows them to be refreshed and ready to enter back into daily life, so that they can be the most effective pastor, minister, family member, and person possible! Come, take a break from daily life, rest and pursue God so that you can serve others with your spirit renewed.


Christ-Centered + Ministry-Minded:

Jesus is the reason we exist and we will honor Him in all we do. It's our mission to help others know and experience His love so they can be transformed by him while being Christ-like stewards of all that's been entrusted to us. 

Flexible + Accessible to All 

To make it easy for people to interact with our camp, and always look for ways to remain affordable so that under-resourced people can be included in what we are doing.


Quality + Service-Minded

To hold a high standard of excellence in all that we do, and to serve people through the big picture and tiny details alike. To be a blessing to those we interact with and give our guests a consistent 5-star experience.  

Anchor Point Lodge - Emerald Bay, California


530 740-2173



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